The moment you get a traffic ticket; you may think that you don’t deserve the ticket. Whether you were accused of speeding, taking a red light, not stopping at a stop sign or any other traffic violation, we are here to help you. The reality is that once you have a traffic ticket in your hand, your next move is very important. You could pay the ticket and possibly get points on your license or you can call us and we will handle it for you. We will defend your driving privileges and fight to get your ticket dismissed. At the Law office of Edersy Suarez, we can provide you with traffic ticket defense. In most cases you will not even have to attend court. This will save you from the hassle of taking time out of your day to appear at court.

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Call us immediately after you have been issues a ticket, time is of the essence. There are specific timelines in which you must respond to a ticket. If you miss a deadline there may be an additional fee or they may even suspend your license. Do not take that chance, call us. With our knowledgeable lawyer fighting on your behalf, you can be at ease knowing we are handling your ticket. Instead of dealing with the traffic tickets alone, you can have an experienced lawyer on your side.

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