Security is there to do a job. When they fail to keep you or a location secure, that’s an issue. It is not something that is easy to deal with, especially if you have been injured and/or experienced a financial loss. Security guards may have looked the other way or there may have been an issue with their protocol. Either way, you did nothing wrong and therefore you shouldn’t be the one to clean up the entire mess. This is when you have to be realistic about how you are going to handle everything. At the law office of Edersy Suarez, you can obtain expert legal counsel to help you figure out how you should proceed. There are laws in place that allow you to make a lawsuit as a way of reclaiming what is yours, or at least seeking some justice in the process. People may continue to make mistakes and think it is okay to cheat the system until someone stands up and fights – and this is what you can do.

Working with the Legal System In regards to Premises Liability.

Fighting against a security company or an individual is not something you want to tackle on your own. The legal system is complex and you want to make sure you are doing everything in a timely and organized fashion. This is why it’s critical to make the call to the law office of Edersy Suarez. We will help you work against the security negligence that you have faced, regardless if it is against you, your family member, or your company. We have the experience to deal with these kinds of cases and can be at your side through it all. Having someone compassionate towards your case can make all the difference in the world. Even if it goes all the way to trial, your lawyer will be at your side, prepared to fight for your case.

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