Construction sites can be very dangerous areas. In fact, there is a reason why most construction sites are hard-hat areas. It’s because accidents do happen! Statistics from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration Office are enough to make the message clear about how serious and how fatal construction accidents can sometimes be.

Below are just some of these statistics:
• 13 people die every day at a construction site.
• 92 people die every week at construction sites.
• This translated to 4,821 people killed in 2014 while working.

The biggest construction accidents that claim the most lives year in and year out are the following:


Failure to step on scaffolding properly, failure to be secured before working at dizzying heights and failure to wear protective safety clothing like helmets all contribute to the rising numbers of deaths due to falls that happen at worksites.

As many as 39.9% of all fatal construction accidents are the result of a fall.


Holding machinery with wet hands, not wearing insulated shoes or not wearing proper safety clothes and also accidentally touching exposed live wires led to more than 74 deaths at construction sites in 2014. This amounted to 8.2% of all deaths that happened at construction sites across the country in that year.

Struck by Objects

Falling bricks, falling pipes, and other heavy materials have all subsequently led to the death of a construction worker at one point or another. Sadly the rate is almost similar to fatalities caused by electrocution. Approximately 8.1% of all deaths at construction sites are victims who were struck by an object.

Caught in Between

This is probably one of the most painful deaths anyone can ever experience. People can sometimes get caught between falling debris, or between machinery. 4.3% of all deaths at construction sites are due to people who get caught in these unfortunate situations.

Fires and Explosions

Construction sites are still work-in-progress areas. Hence, nothing is 100% secure and fixed. Sometimes pipes may be leaking gas and this combined with sparks flying from machinery can ignite an explosion which can be fatal or can cause massive injury to those in the explosion’s vicinity.

Getting Legal Help

Oftentimes victims of construction site accidents accrue a lot of medical bills because of the injuries they sustained while on the job. If these workers need legal help to obtain some form of compensation from their employer that’s where we step in.

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