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The Most Common DUI Questions

When you are facing a DUI case, the process can be very difficult to handle and it leaves most clients with a number of questions about their case and how it will be handled going forward. Being prepared is half of the battle and the more you know about the particulars of your case, the [...]

Uncontested Divorce Proceeding

By allowing an experienced attorney to handle the uncontested divorce proceeding on your behalf, your privacy is protected and your financial security is assured At the law firm of Edersy Suarez, we are here to provide our clients with all of the assistance and information that they need regarding an uncontested divorce procedure. If both members of [...]

If you fall victim to a Personal Injury incident action needs to be taken immediately.

Personal Injury can range from falling in the store, to a variety of other ways that you may have been injured. What this means is that something happened out of your control and you were injured as a result. The Personal Injury incident may be small, or severe. It is not a pleasant experience either [...]