Traffic citations always seem to be a problem. The moment you get one, you have a limited time to act on it. You can pay it or you can fight it. Often, the easiest solution is to try and fight it – but you don’t want to do so without legal representation. After all, you want someone who knows how to navigate the laws in your favor. You might not have even deserved the traffic citation. In some instances, traffic cameras may not work properly, radar guns can fail, and you may not have been able to see a change in speed limit due to traffic in the other lane. Regardless of the reason, you have the ability to fight your traffic citation – and that is a right that you always have. Call us and we will defend your rights.

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When you decide you want to fight your traffic citation, contact us at the law office of Edersy Suarez. In many instances, we will be able to go to court on your behalf, which means you can go about your day. This can be extremely easy, and may give you the desirable outcome you have been hoping for. By eliminating a traffic citation off of your record, you not only save money, but you can also avoid points and prevent any kind of other problems, such as a spike in your insurance premiums. When you are ready to challenge a citation that you have received, you want to seek legal representation as quickly as possible so that deadlines are not missed.

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