You may think that the criminal justice system and criminal defense are based on the theory that you are innocent until proven guilty. You are dead wrong. The reality is that you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. Your criminal defense attorney is the only person who can prove your innocence.

There are four forces that are against you in any criminal proceeding. These forces are the judge, the district attorney, the police, and the jury. Each of these forces gets a benefit in proving that you are guilty even if you are innocent.

The key to great criminal defense is experience.

Judges are elected and reelected to their office in part based on their criminal conviction rate. A higher conviction rate is seen by the public as proof that the judge is protecting them from crime. Judges interpret law based on their own views.

District attorneys are also elected based on their conviction rate. The district attorney’s job is to convict you. The district attorney has more status in the eyes of the jury and judge than you do simply because you are accused of a crime.

A policeman’s chances of advancement are based in part on the number of arrests and convictions that the police officer gets. The mentality taught in police academies across the country is one of mistrust of all people except other policemen.

The people on the jury feel a compulsion to convict because they feel that a conviction protects them from potential harm from criminals. Juries make decisions based on the feelings that district attorneys produce in respect to you and not necessarily on the facts that are presented in a criminal case.

The deck is stacked against you and this is why you need exceptional criminal defense. Good defense can prevent your case from ever going to court and a jury. Experienced defense can reduce the charges, fines, and potential jail time that you face if you are guilty.

Education and updated training in the law is a necessity. Much more proactive and clever criminal defense comes from knowing the judges, police, and district attorney. A personal knowledge of the people involved in your prosecution can be an invaluable asset in obtaining your freedom.

Criminal defense is a continuous learning process. Laws change regularly. Political action groups apply pressure on politicians, judges, and district attorneys to get tough on crime with campaign contributions. The news media is all too ready to pronounce you guilty before you are even arraigned.

Being charged with a crime is the time to contact a criminal defense attorney. You cannot do the job yourself. If you try to represent yourself you have a fool for a client.

Successful criminal defense requires experience and knowledge. Contact the law firm of Edersy Suarez for expertise in all criminal defense cases. Above all discuss nothing about your case with anyone but your criminal defense attorney.