Construction sites are very prone to accidents. Have you just sustained an injury from a construction accident that is no fault of yours? The choice of your attorney is as important as the case itself. Hiring a personal injury attorney may not be as easy as possible because there are so many of them.


You need to the one with the most experience in Construction Accident cases.


You need to the one with the most experience. Having the experience is not what really matters but winning most of them. This implies that, you attorney must be able to provide a documentary evidence to support his high win ratio.

The attorney with the most experience and the highest win ratio usually offers the highest charges. This may not be a problem since the attorney with the most experience is likely to help you get higher compensation.

The second challenge is that some attorneys inflate their years of experience just to attract prospective clients. This is why it is very important not to rely on only word of mouth on this. Rather, you should request for documentary evidence.

Your personal assessment

You are not planning to hire an attorney without meeting him personally, are you? You need to schedule an interview with your prospective attorney. When you get to see him, things will flow naturally. If he is the one for you, you will naturally feel free to pour out your heart. No matter how experienced he is, if you find it difficult to express yourself with him, there is no point hiring him. He won’t be able to help you.


A good attorney will give his charges and tell you your chances of winning the case on the first visit. An attorney that can’t give you such information at the first consultation cannot give you the best defense. Look for another one.

Local based

You should consider an attorney that is based in your city. This is very important as he could be an acquaintance of the judge in charge of your case. This could swing the judgment in your favor.

While you may be tempted to hire an attorney with the lowest charges, you need to be wary of overly low charges. This is the gimmick used by inexperienced lawyers to attract new clients. For more information, contact Lawfirm Of Edersy Suarez