No matter its severity, bodily injuries can turn your life upside down. You could suffer psychological effects from the injury that will leave you devastating and traumatized for a long time.

From getting medical treatment to suing the one that afflicted you with the damage, there are steps you should take after suffering bodily injuries.

In ensuring your legal rights are protected after getting injured, you should do the following:

1) Get Medical Attention

The first point of call is to get prompt medical care. Ensure you get treatment from professional health care workers as soon as you can or let someone get them for you if you’re unable to.

Have the medical provider or hospital document your Injury stating every necessary detail about your injury – when you were brought in for medical provision, diagnosis carried out on your body, the treatment you received and cost of therapy. Then, have the party that afflicted the injury cover your medical bills.

2) Alert the Police and Preserve Evidence

If your right to health care gets denied or the party that caused the damage intentionally or not, declines to pay for the treatment; you need to report to the police department. Make sure you preserve evidence by getting a police report detailing what transpired between you and the other party, how the injury occurred, if there were witnesses; the medical treatment received, effects the injury has on you (from work to family concerns, planned vacations or activities that got canceled, etc.)

All these will strengthen your position when seeking for a legal claim.

3) File a Lawsuit and Hire An Attorney

After getting a report and documenting every detail, your next line of action is to file a lawsuit. There are always complexities in cases of denial. The party that caused you the suffering might deny your claim and argue that you were reckless or you intentionally inflicted the bodily injuries upon yourself.

Contact an experienced attorney or law firm conversant with injury cases to assist in ensuring you file the lawsuit and paperwork in the right way and time. This way, your claim can be considered and covered.

In a situation where you and the other party decide to settle out of court, your attorney should ensure a seamless negotiation that would benefit you well. It is crucial to note that in an injury case, legal proceedings must get issued within three years of the incident date, so you have to ensure the negotiation process isn’t dragging out unnecessarily.

If you’ve suffered or are currently suffering from any bodily injury or illness caused by another person (or you know someone suffering), it’s critical to stand for your (or their) rights.

For more information on how to get your claim covered, get in touch with a experienced injury attorney from the Law firm of Edesy Suarez.